To schedule any celebration of a sacrament, contact St. Andrew Catholic Church, 
P.O. Box 279 Block Island, Rhode Island 02807
(401) 466-5519 or email: standrewbi@gmail.com

Children should be registered for all religious education programs by September. Contact Parish
Sr. Irene Nerney, RSM, Director, Sean McGarry, Facilitator.
Catechists: Dina Chieffo, John Cullen, Annie Hall, Martha Hemingway, Maureen Hoyt, Molly O'Neill, Sean McGarry.
Religious Education Form

Thank you for inquiring about having your wedding here at St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church.
Except for registered parishioners, all off Island couples must receive permission from their home
parish to be married at any other Church.Therefore, we have established the following guidelines
to determine your intent and preparations:

1. Requests for a wedding date cannot be processed until it is one year or
less before the actual date of the wedding.
2. It is strongly urged that you marry in your home parish where your family
and friends live and celebrate the sacramental Life.
3. Please complete the following two documents to begin your registration:
a. Wedding registration form-this information you must supply.
b. Home parish permission form-this information must be supplied by your home pastor/priest.
Scheduling cannot be continued until both forms are complete
and returned to St. Andrew Parish.
4. Please take into consideration the weather as a major aspect of planning
your wedding here on Block Island.Over the years, many weddings have had serious delays or complete
cancellation because participants and/or guests could not reach the Island on time or at all. It is Inside Chapel St
strongly urged that members of the wedding party and your most important guests should plan to arrive at least 24 hours prior to your planned events.
5. St. Andrew Church building on Chapel St. seats 400 persons (image on rt) and is opened year round. The Parish also has a chapel on Spring St. which seats 90 persons.
Both facilities are fully handicapped accessible.
6. Music choices are left to your preference within the guidelines of the Dioceses of Providence. You may contract with our experienced parish musicians or engage your own if they are trained in liturgical music. Please contact the Parish rectory for Parish musicians.
7. Floral pieces can be ordered from an Island arranger or your own. As a guideline, simple but beautiful is suggested. For both safety and insurance reasons, a white runner for the main aisle is not permitted. The aisle is carpeted.
8. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on Church property.
9. We ask you to refrain from throwing rice, confetti, bird seed or other such materials on Church property or in the Church building.
10. Photographers and video technicians must have the utmost respect for the solemnity of your wedding and the sacredness of the space.
11. The license to marry must be obtained from your town hall or the Office of the Town Clerk, Block Island; call (401) 466-3200 for full details. Please bring that license with you to the rehearsal. It must be signed by the witnesses and the celebrant.
12. The stipend for the use of the church and the wedding service is to be discussed with the pastor (401) 466-5519.
13. Cancellation policy: Refunds of 50% of total stipend will be granted when a cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to your wedding date. Refunds will not be allowed for cancellations of 30 days or less.
14. One final thought: St. Andrew Parish presumes that your own Pastor or Parish Priest has instructed you on all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with regards to your courtship and future marriage and obtained all the necessary documentation. We trust them to fulfill these essential obligations.

May you find this helpful in the important planning that lies before you. Be assured of the help you may need from this Parish.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Joseph Protano, Jr., Pastor

Wedding Couple

A Wedding is but a day......
the Sacrament of Marriage...
is a lifetime